Snow and Resin

In BJD circles I'm know as Snow and in some other circles I'm known as Nymrah.
This blog was intended to be for my bjd photography and interests, but a lot of other things (like cats) have found their way in. Enjoy!

Sometimes you guys respond to my text posts, or reblog them. And I don’t always reply. And I’m sorry for that, because I do really appreciate your thoughts.
It’s just that most of the time these are things I just need to let out. And if someone replies right after, I often don’t know how to respond. These posts come from a tired mind and that makes it hard to respond right away.
But sometimes someone will respond later and my mind will be in a different mode, or even moved on from the rant. In those cases I don’t know how to reply either sometimes.

Long story short, my brain is too tired to come up with proper responses most of the time, but I do read every reply and reblog to my text posts. Because you guys are smart and have good things to say. So sorry I don’t always acknowledge it.

rock on, followers. rock on.

Part of me regrets not picking a doll cosplay with long dark hair.
Even though I don’t want to spoil what I’m cosplaying, it will have a bobline pink wig.
And I’m fairly sure it will look terrible on me.
But the outfit is too kickass to pass up.
I will probably never use the wig again, but the outfit is something I would definitely parade around in.

Anonymous asked: breathe, honey breathe! Just try to sit tight while waiting for the phone call. Try to do something soothing like cuddle a doll or kitty if you can!

Thanks :) I always get so focused when I’m expecting a call, because I don’t like to be doing something and then get interrupted. So I’m aimlessly browsing the internet at the moment. I should go aimlessly browse some kittens :)
My cat is chilling in the windowsill looking at birds so I don’t wanna bother him.


talking with blue kitsune  made me remember some older doll projects ;w;

this was the last doll that i made that was never meant to be cast (after words they wore all attempts and abandoned *sigh*)

the rest of the doll was much less impressive; i still love these bird hands through

Oooooh I love them!


Really unpopular opinion: While I respect Freakstyle as an artist and admire their sculpting ability the idea of an overweight doll sits wrong with me. Yes this is the shape of most American (and british and it’s even encroaching on other countries) women it’s still not something we should strive for as being “okay”. Despite what the Tumblr community thinks, being overweight is unhealthy. Yes. It actually is. Fat is not a body type. You have a shape with fat over it. The Salome doll is not the same as a doll chateau as doll chateau are stylized to have ridiculous proportions (and joints that don’t exist on humans). Same with any of the pear shaped art bodies, they’re stylized as opposed to modeled after someone who could be an irl human. This idea of thinking that overweight should be put on a pedestal is really really problematic.

P.S. Also before anyone calls “skinny fat shaming shitlord” I’m obese myself and losing weight.  (Also please lord do not respond to this with the “health problems” thing)

Image by BJDConfessions

What the hell?
I’ve never seen Salome as overweight. She has realistic skin folds, which many dolls don’t have. She is absolutely not fat.
This doll is not promoting unhealthy lifestyles. This doll is all about showing that there are more body shapes than a lot of the pristine model bodies in this hobby.
If you think this is fat, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Have you every seen a naked woman? A lot of women who are on a good weight have folds like that. You can have thick thighs and be healthy.
There is barely an ounce of fat on this doll, but apparently it’s enough to get someone’s panties in a bunch.
Just like how Doll Chateau doesn’t promote skinny bodies, Salome doesn’t promote fat bodies. They both just show there’s more body types than Soom and Iplehouse for instance.
Salome is the first doll to actually have a little more tissue and actually has skin folds and I think that is amazing.
Because you really don’t need to be fat to have skinfolds.

I was on citalopram, didn’t have those side effects but others. Am now on escitalopram which is newer and a bit smoother. You could try that? Might be easier than switching to a whole new medication.

Thanks for the input. The rash has actually spread to my chest now, so I kind of don’t want to take it anymore right away, but my boyfriend says I should just take it until I at least talk to my shrink. Who I’ll phone tomorrow.
Some people who have the same rash as me have said (somewhere on some random forum) that switching to a drug in the same category will probably not get rid of the rash.
But like I said, I’ll call my shrink tomorrow and hopefully I can start on something else right away, because this rash is making me feel really uncomfortable and I really don’t want it to spread any further.

Okay I’ve settled on a wig. And I ordered contact lenses (and some more oops). Now all I need to buy is shoes (and fabrics but that’s a different story). And it’s proving to be worse than the wig. These shoes don’t exist. Like at all. So I need to find cheap suitable shoes I can modify.
Found some great ones on Ebay, from China (Asian Ebay stores have the best shoes man), but sadly they didn’t carry my size. So I’ll probably stroll through a bunch of different thrift shops in the hopes that I find a pair I can get to work.

This is why I don’t do cosplay. I’m so anal about it and part of me is like IF I CANT DO IT RIGHT I DONT WANT TO DO IT AT ALL.

I’m looking for a wig for my cosplay on Ldoll. But I’m being very anal about it. It’s already a wig that doesn’t actually exist, so I will need to partially dye it. But the base color needs to be just right.
And ordering wigs from the internet is kind of scary to me. I really don’t want a shiny as hell fake looking wig.
Maybe it’s because I can always spot a wig on anyone that I want a nice one. Although with the color it’s going to be, it’s not like it’ll fool anyone.
Still I don’t want my head to blind anyone with its shinyness

I just randomly remembered something that happened about 20 years ago.
I was in kindergarten (or something like it) and we had to draw Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus pretty much). I had loved drawing from a very young age, so I was loving the assignment.
I proudly handed in my picture and I got reprimanded because I gave him a neck. Because, the teacher said, you don’t see his neck under his beard.
And I just didn’t get it. Because he was a person, so he had a neck.
I think the teacher even told my parents how I was ‘acting out’, but obviously my parents sided with me.

I still have the picture somewhere.

This was my first of many encounters with our educational system. Like the time a biology substitute teacher didn’t believe me when I told her a kiwi was a bird. And she got mad.